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Welcome to Meridian 23

Meridians connect places on the globe and energy within the body. At Meridian 23, a new music bar in Chelsea, meridians also connect people.
With an integrated music program, specialty cocktails, street food tapas, curated sipping liquors, warm decor, and masks from the world over, Meridian 23 is both a room to expand your horizons and celebrate at the same time.

No matter who you are, or where you come from, you are part of the culture of Meridian 23. A 21st-century experience on a foundation of the genre-bashing line-crossing of 20th-century NYC.

Comfortable but chic, hip but warm, the bar is the ideal spot to relax after a day’s work, to hear some of the city’s most exciting musicians and to party through the night. The music transports, the cocktails enthuse, the tapas satisfy, and Meridian 23, the place and it’s people, welcome you.